about leviathan

The Leviathan Company is a new investment company. We are an internationally-renowned company focusing on very high-quality payout services. As the currency markets are so incredibly competitive, what sets us apart from the competition is our exceptional reactivity to our clients, as made possible by having our decision center and headquarters located in Ramat Gan, Israel.

Though we are relatively new on the scene, our brief history has been characterized by our innovative role in automated trading systems. This is exemplified by our launch of the first automated investment management system.

We offer our clients services organized according to three automated trading formulas and have a large range of products to meet their special needs. In essence, our goal is to generate wealth for our clients and we achieve this goal via the trading formula we have developed.

We are a fully transparent operation, offering top-notch client support along with full documentation of all investments made. In a show of confidence for both our company and for our management system, several renowned banking and brokerage groups have partnered with us.

The Leviathan Company's main client base is comprised of high-profile investors. The Leviathan Company is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and is considered to be deeply involved in Israel's economic landscape.