strategy & technology

Financial markets are a primary source of investment opportunities, but at the same time, they also carry big potential risks. The Leviathan Management System can predict these risks in order to better control investments by portfolio managers. This ability to predict risks is the hallmark of the investment management software that we've developed.

In a market environment that is often complex, the professionals at the Leviathan Company provide their clients with their technology, expertise, and knowledge in order to uniquely customize and optimize their expected risk/performance ratio. This level and quality of service extends to both institutional clients as well as individuals.

To appreciate risks resulting from an investment in financial instruments, the variability of the price of the financial instrument must be considered as well as its liquidity. This variability and liquidity is effectively managed by the Leviathan Management System, which has expertly navigated the financial market using multiple strategies and its top-notch technology.

Clients should also be aware of the payout expectations of various Dolphin, Locust, and Shark management strategies, depending on their level of exposure. Generally then, a strategy featuring a higher payout expectation will also feature a higher level of exposure.

In this context, the investment strategy of the Leviathan System does not favor one class of assets in particular. Value-building favors the class of financial products that includes currencies, commodities, and indices. As a result, the Leviathan Company prefers to maintain a neutral, comprehensive balance of trading products and top financial products.

  • Don't consider the container, but what it contains: there are old barrels filled with old wine, and old barrels not even containing new wine.

In an environment where money markets offer the potential for high payout levels, the Leviathan Company has effectively implemented a large portion of these asset management strategies. In a show of confidence in our methodology, we've been fortunate to have partnered up with some of the most solid and reputable institutions.

The Leviathan Management System is meant to service professional and individual clients abroad. The goal is to offer investment solutions providing sufficiently attractive payouts for controlled exposure. Because of the positioning of this type of placement, which is specifically meant for experienced clients, we ask for minimum portfolio amounts in order to properly select a strategy type.