the product

The Leviathan Company offers direct access to world financial markets from Ramat Gan, Israel. Specializing in currencies, we've always got our fingers on the pulse of upwards and downwards trends as money gets traded around the world.

Our order execution capacities cover all main markets and allow for the trading of currencies, commodities, and indexes. The investments with Leviathan Company are managed by the entity known as the Leviathan Automated System (LAS), which is specialized to cater to both individual and institutional clients, with institutions comprising our main client base.

Investment management is carried out using a special strategy created by the Leviathan Company. Clients select the management profile and enter any special instructions, which are respected when applying the strategy. Portfolios are managed actively. Within the Management Cell, priorities are ordered as follows: • teamwork • following the investment method • employee professionalism

Every month our Finance Committee, after evaluating various macroeconomic data, will define the placement strategy per asset class. These will make up the basis for tactical assignment within the various portfolios being managed. Moreover, we've partnered up with a number of the most solid and reputable banks and financial institutions, who've given us their backing.

The Leviathan Company offers different categories of management. As a historical partner of international companies, the Leviathan Company offers its partners a range of dedicated services, including customized management solutions.

  • Spend time on new ideas

    rather than manual operations.

  • Make decisions based on data

    and execute without emotion.

  • Autopilot for your investments

    Your strategy, automated.

  • Test before you invest.

    Vet systems before using real money.

The Leviathan Company's services for professional intermediaries, including individuals, include:

  • assistance in opening an account and identifying clients as provided by law, with bilingual documentation in English and in French
  • receiving and executing management instructions sent by the LAS to the underlying financial market (currency, commodities, or indices)
  • full documentation for all investments made as well as round-the-clock support
In sum, the Leviathan Company offers its clients a wide range of services and products vis-?-vis financial asset investment as well as various management solutions.